Writing Projects

In order to have yet another way to hold me accountable to what I’m doing, I am going to be posting my current writing projects here. This is highly subject to change, but if you see I haven’t updated this page in a while (let’s say, two weeks have passed), ask me how I’m doing with it. Remind me I should work on it. I have other things, like school, but I’d still like to be able to work on these projects semi-regularly. Because, I need to finish a story through to the actual finish (not just a first draft).

Okay. Here it goes:

  • As of 3/27/2015 –“Two Girls And A Prophecy” ~50,000 words – I am actually making progress. Who would have thought. Edited the prologue very well. NEW: Apparently I am very good at 100 word stories. I am planning on posting one a week from now on. Here’s the first one. 
  • As of 2/6/2015 – “Two Girls And A Prophecy” ~50,000 words – additionally, transferring notes from random small pieces of paper into a comprehensive notebook, to be used as I go through the whole of the first draft.
  • As of 2/5/2015 – “Two Girls And A Prophecy” ~50,000 words – first draft finished, printed out first twenty pages of it, is on fourth page of the twenty pages in the process of editing. Writing lots of notes, and asking questions, and basically probably the whole plot is going to change from what it is currently in this first draft.

That’s about it for now. I think, after finishing the above project to its….10th draft? *shrugs*…. I’ll maybe know if I’ll be able to handle working on multiple projects. 🙂


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