Flash Fiction

September 2014

Granite & Stone (#1, September 5th)

A Miracle Cure (#2, September 12th)

You’re Really Good At Monologues (#3, September 19th)

A Harsh Misunderstanding (#4, September 26th)

October 2014

There Was A Lot He Didn’t Remember (#5, October 4th)

(Sexist, Racist) Officer Dave and Jack the (Homophobic) High School Football Quarterback (#6, October 11th)

Tourism In Fairy Tales (#7, October 17th)

Solar Surge (#8, October 24th)

10 PM (#9, October 31st)

November 7th, 2014-December 11th – Life and school has got in the way/took my mind away

December 2014

Tourists Can Be So Annoying (#10, December 12th)

No Pain, All Dancing (#11, December 19th)

From: Your Memories (#12, December 26th)

January 2015

Elderly For Eternity (#13, January 5th)

Ever-Turning Wheel (#14, January 9th)

Now She Could Breathe (#15, January 16th)

Blank White Cylinder (#16, January 24th)

February 2015

The Orange Elephant, The Green Elephant, and the Blue Elephant (#17, February 6th)


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