This blog is run by Mary Wright. You can contact her through email (, Twitter, and know what she’s reading through Goodreads. You can also follow her on Wattpad, where she will be posting things shortly (different things from what she posts here)

You can also send her money through Paypal (with her email if you think any of the following (and are able to send her money):

  • that she should have some/you want to support her work
  • you like her stories
  • you like her book reviews
  • you like her blog posts
  • you like her tweets
  • you like her as a person

No amount is too little, unless somehow it’s possible to give her a fraction of a penny. Please give her at least a penny please, otherwise it’s petty.

If unable to do so, spread the word! A simple tweet is awesome too. Tweet her, or tweet about something you’ve found here interesting through your own twitter account.

You’re all amazing just for visiting this blog!




Tell me what you think - your opinion is really important to me.

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