#WordWars Blogfest 2015 – January 1st to January 3rd

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I’m doing a different thing to start off 2015. I’m going to liveblog my writing ups and downs for the next 3 days. So. It’ll be a test and a challenge for me to be consistent, and it’ll be fun for you to come back to this post every few hours to see what my progress (or lack of progress) is. I’m in EST, if that helps you.

Great? Good. And…..GO!

January 1st. Day One.Β 

(Stayed up way too late. Like until 3 am maybe. 2 am? Either way, super exhausted.)

10:30 am – I’m awake, I think.

10:37 am – I need tea.

10:38 am – And some Fruit Loops.

10:46 am: Just the Fruit Loops. Installing Spotify on my newish laptop. Until that’s done, Pandora and music from Youtube, and hopefully, some writing.

10:48 am: Forgot my Spotify log-in info. Forget it. Writing starts……now?

11:06 am: I actually wrote things. Random things. Things that probably don’t make much sense. But things! Words! Uh….561 of them! Yay!

11:24 am: I’m actually writing a thing. I don’t know where it’s going, or where it will end, or even if I begun it in the right place. But it’s challenging to write, and emotional, and I love that this Blogfest has given me the opportunity to discover it within me. πŸ™‚

11:33 am: Written 1107 words total, and almost 2 pages. Getting a headache from it. I think I need to take a short break. Maybe it’s time for that tea now. (It’s also amazing that I’ve made it this far without listening to music while writing. I usually never write without music playing most of the time.)

11:55 am: Played with my cat. Came back to the laptop and wrote 44 61Β words that I needed to get out of my head quickly. Maybe I can actually do this consistently sticking-to-writing thing. Still on break, but apparently not completely. My brain wants me to write while having a headache, it seems. Haven’t had tea yet, and am going to have french toast. Will probably be back to seriously writing at 12:15 maybe.

12:41 pm: Hahaha 12:15. How silly of me. Ate my french toast. Going to continue writing now.

12:51 pm: 1503 words total.Timed, 38 minutes thus far have been spent just writing. 38 minutes out of 2 hours? Not bad. Not good either, but an okay start.

1:25 pm: 53 minutes total. Just writing. This is amazing. I’m writing things down that I’ve thought about for years. This is really difficult, but interesting.

1:36 pm: Just made it to my first full hour of time spent just-writing! Going to color in the box in my chart. I’ve been keeping track of time on Excel. πŸ™‚

1:53 pm: Swept the kitchen floor. Back to writing now.

2:11 pm: I have a lot of words in my head, it seems.

2:22 pm: Need to find my chapstick.

2:27 pm. Found it! Great.

2:30 pm: Okay. I need to keep writing, but I need tea more.

4:06 pm: Long time talking to my mom and my sister. Trying to get my head to calm down – even a little bit – enough to get back to writing.

4:15 pm: Wrote some more. Think I’m almost finishing this section of thought. After that, I’m rewarding myself with listening to a new episode of a podcast. πŸ™‚

5:18 pm: Had a root beer float. Mmmmmm. Done with the section of thought, coming in at 3,288 words, and 1 hr and 34 minutes spent just writing. πŸ™‚ Now to listen to the podcast episode. I might write more later, but it will be on a *different* section of thought. Also, I should read for a hour, maybe.

7:20 pm: Listened to the podcast and did other things. Now it’s time to read for a while.

(I ended the day not-reading because I had a huge headache and was really dizzy. I also ate pasta.)

January 2nd. Day Two.Β 

12:20 am: Going to sleep now. I really want to feel better so I’m up to writing 3,000+ words like I did in Day One.

9:52 am: Tried to feel awake.

10:18 am: Ate Fruit Loops.

10:27 am: Turn on my laptop and update this post.

10:31 am: If possible, I feel even more exhausted than yesterday. That’s weird.

10:46 am: Gotta shake out of this daze somehow.

11:11 am: I have a feeling this day is going to be slowgoing.

11:29 am: Simplifying my Goodreads shelves. I have too many, and I don’t have the concentration yet to write anything that makes sense.

11:48 am: Okay. Enough of that. I gotta get started writing.

11:55 am: Writing a really detailed to-do list.

12:01 pm: Separating what I need to accomplish into monthly sections. After that, I’ll do weekly ones. Planning out my year, basically, as best as I can.

12:05 pm: This is actually an important thing that I should be doing anyway, but I’m glad that the Blogfest has given me a good reason to get this done.

Β 12:25 pm: Got all the way to monthly planning for May. Going to take a break now, but my year’s starting to come together. πŸ™‚

12:58 pm: Okay. Back to writing the ‘Planning My Year’ thing.

1:08 pm: This is really fun. And important for my mental state in the future. Win win.

1:15 pm: Head hurts again. Another break.

1:22 pm: Continuing on despite the headache. When I’m finished with this, I’ll feel better, I think.

1:32 pm: I’ve decided I’m going to read at least 40 books this year. Have some recommendations for me?Β 

1:40 pm: Finished planning until August. πŸ™‚

1:47 pm: Onto October!

1:53 pm: Having anxiety about the future, but hey, better now than later, right?

2:00 pm: Still on October. Really thinking it through. More thinking now hopefully will equal less thinking about what I have to do later.

2:10 pm: Went downstairs for ten minutes to pet the cats. Now back to writing/planning.

2:14 pm: Colored in the box for an hour completed. I now have 3 boxes colored in for 2015! 3 hours of writing over 2 days so far. πŸ™‚

2:26 pm: Okay. Rough draft of 2015 planning is done with, by month, anyway. Going to print it out, take a break from looking at it, and clean my room for maybe an hour. Also eat something.

2:39 pm: Forgot I don’t have the printer installed with my newish laptop. So. Doing that now.

2:52 pm: Printed out rough draft of yearly plan of 2015, and connected the printer to the laptop successfully! Yay!

4:46 pm: Went to a couple of places. Timed myself and wrote down stuff for 16 minutes in that time. Not a lot. But important, still. Now I’m back home, eating a M&M McFlurry. After I’m finished with that, back to writing/planning. I have not cleaned yet, but I will do that once I have my ‘second draft’ of my planning done.

4:48 pm: Not that word count matters that much today, but I wrote 1,742 words. If you were wondering.

5:09 pm: Eating (drinking?) the last of my M&M McFlurry.

5:14 pm: Getting out my plan that I printed out. Now to take one thing that I’m doing constantly over the year, and figure out what I’m doing each month to accomplish it. Then I’m going to do it with the ten or eleven other things I have planned that I want to finish. Then separately, I’m going to type up things that don’t happen in all the months, like maybe only happen in just one. After that, I’ll start making plans week by week, but that won’t be for a few hours, I don’t think.

5:35 pm: Making progress fast. This is good. I might get to week by week stuff faster than I thought.

6:03 pm: Still going. Still actually being pretty quick.

6:16 pm: There are actual timelines and deadlines to things. Oh my gosh. This has never happened, never been this detailed in this certain way. But I think I will plan this way more often!

6:38 pm: Got a big chunk of planning done. Going to take a break now. Currently at 2,782 words, if you were wondering.

7:25 pm: Just stood up and my leg is asleep! Ah!

9:04 pm: Okay. Ate dinner, and got some annoying news. Sigh. I should get back to writing now. Yeah. I’ll start again now. Might not finish it all tonight, but hey, there’s tomorrow, too, isn’t there? πŸ™‚

9:15 pm: Eh. I should get it all done with tonight. That’d be much easier. Then I could write something else tomorrow.

9:23 pm: Emotionally exhausted and stressed out. I think I’d be more productive cleaning my room. Let’s try that for an hour and see what happens.

10:41 pm: Okay. A little bit more than an hour, then. Don’t feel much better. But I think I should getting back into writing. So. Let’s see…

11:02 pm: Okay, no. For real now.

11:16 pm: Too. Exhausted. Darn. I wanted to finish this tonight. Ended at 3,106 words, which makes my two day total……hmmmm…..*scrolls up the page*….*adds them together*….6,394 words! πŸ˜€ Yay!

January 3rd. Day Three.

1:21 am: I went to sleep.

10:28 am: Started my day by putting a tea bag in an empty cup, and timing it for 3 minutes before I realized I hadn’t poured the hot water in. I’m not awake.

Β 11:19 am: Had to help my mom find her cellphone.

11;35 pm: Part of the annoying news is solved! Yes!

12:16 pm: Okay. I think I can start writing for a little bit now. Finally.

12:22 pm: Gonna take a break. I haven’t eat anything. I just realized that. Maybe that’s why my brain wasn’t working.

12:46 pm: Mmmm. 2 bowls of Fruit Loops. (In case you’re like, “Mary, you eat a lot of Fruit Loops!” it’s not true. This is the first time in like 5 years that I’ve had them. Also, after eating them for most of my life, I just looked at the box right now and said to myself, “What. It’s “Froot Loops” not Fruit Loops? MY WHOLE LIFE IS A LIE.” They were still delicious, though.)

12:49 pm: Froot. Loops. How could I have missed that for at least 15 years of knowing what the box looked like? (I’m 20.) Such a fail on my part to just have thought it said “Fruit Loops.” Ugh.

1:00 pm: Yawning. Not a good sign.

1:17 pm: I’m cold. It’s snowing outside. I did a little bit of writing.

2:42 pm: Big break of doing nothing. Put groceries away. Eating a chocolate orange.Β 

2:53 pm: Today I have spent a total of 14 minutes just writing, compared to 102 the first day, and 180 the second. I gotta get into the mode again, somehow.

4:21 pm. No writing. Listened to podcasts, and was able to unfollow some people that don’t follow me back/I never talk to, to free up my TL a little bit. Made my goal for January to be following under 800 people. So that’s great!

5:33 pm: Read some pages of a book.

5:47 pm: Think I’m going to have dinner and finish reading this book before I start writing/planning again.

7:55 pm: Have read a lot of pages. I think I really have to finish reading this book before I do anything else. Then, I have to find my favorite pen, which I seem to have lost somewhere in the process of cleaning my room yesterday. Sigh. Always happens that way. Every time I clean, I lose something important. Never ending cycle of losing, and then finding, and then losing again.

11:18 pm: Okay. Finished reading. Haven’t found my pen. Going to try at least to get done with the monthly planning of everything. The week by week planning will have to be done tomorrow. But that’s the benefit of this. It doesn’t end. This general productivity doesn’t have to end. And that’s kind of amazing.

11:31 pm: Almost done with the monthly planning! πŸ™‚

11:43 pm: Okay. I’m not done with it. But close enough, really. The whole year of 2015 is forming in my head, and that’s great. I have a plan. Many plans, actually. And I hope to accomplish all of them.

11:45 pm: There is a pounding in the back of my head. Emotionally exhausted from life still, it seems. And I MUST find my favorite pen before I go to sleep.

11:50 pm: Suddenly very tired. Where is that pen?

11:58 pm: Okay. Before Day 3 time runs out, I just want to say two things. One, thanks to Katie Doyle and Sarah Chafin for co-hosting this awesome liveblogging writing process thingΒ (Otherwise known as WordWars Blogfest – January 1st to January 3rd, 2015). These three days have been very productive, and I hope for the rest of them to be just as successful. Two, for those of you who are waiting for a new flash fiction story and were confused why one wasn’t posted on Friday like mostly is usual, one will be posted tomorrow, Sunday. Thanks everybody! I hope you enjoyed this! It was very fun for me! πŸ™‚


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