There Was A Lot He Didn’t Remember – Flash Fiction Story #5


BY Mary Wright (me)

There was a lot he didn’t remember.

His parents’ names, his parents’ faces, where he lived before 16 years old.

There were no elementary school or high school stories to tell before sophomore year, or there was, and his brain decided to completely forget.

Amnesia High.

Yes, the administration sure liked to be blunt.

He wasn’t the only one here who forgot things.

There were those worse off than him; there were those who were better. He was glad to know how to tie his shoelaces, but he was envious of those who remembered their Before-Life, even a little bit of it.

It was hard to tell when something would come up that would frustrate him. He was happy to find out that some things he did automatically without trouble – relieving himself in the bathroom, putting on his clothes, and speaking well enough to be understood by most doctors.

Oh, right, they needed to be called “teachers”.

He hoped he would remember that, and if he didn’t, that they would forgive him and chalk it up to who he was now. The memory loss wasn’t a static thing – sometimes it improved, sometimes new things came up that made it worse.

Like today for example. He might forget this whole day existed.

It really makes him feel sad and hopeless every day, if he’s honest with himself, knowing that he should seize the day, but also deciding not to care at all. Why put in all that effort if you’re going to forget about all of it tomorrow?

He was 16. His name was John. He knew enough, and retained enough memory to maybe be classified as a 4th grader in terms of function.

Sometimes he wondered about his Before-Life.

There was a lot he didn’t remember.



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