A Harsh Misunderstanding – Flash Fiction Story #4


BY Mary Wright (me)


(Transmitted letter from 100 light years away from Earth, 2190, Earth time,

Translated into English by Head Committee Leader of Planet Surellog before sending)

We did not come to your planet to destroy it. Your leaders – ignorant of who we truly were! – decided what our intentions were before we could even step out of our ships. They forced their way in, hitting their limbs against the doors, and making holes in the walls inside our ships from weapons they used out of irrational fear.

We could not communicate well with your leaders – we understood how to tune our way of communication into one your leaders would understand, but even then, they wouldn’t let us explain ourselves.

We stopped on Earth because our ships needed supplies of sugar. The last time we had been there, your planet had been much different, and there were not a lot of humans. This time there were many, and your leaders were the most stupid of them all.

Of course, I do not judge the whole humankind on this – what can only be called a harsh misunderstanding – but it can be hard not to show anger toward your leaders. Our neighbors, out on the edge of our galaxy, had visited Earth before us, destroyed things, took things, and made you humans think that all invaders had the worst intentions.

While I understand that reasoning, we cannot forgive what you have wrought on our planet. So much is burning, and so many of our little ones are crying without their parents to soothe them with comfort. You have left us savages, on the edge of survival. We have no choice, but to be like our neighbors.

Next time, we will not come only for sugar.



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