The Many Meanings of Room, and How It Pertains To #mentalhealth


There are many things you can think about when thinking about this word. 

Here are four ways to think about it. 


1) Room. Your actual room. Your bedroom. Your apartment. Your house. The space around you that has your stuff.

This is most likely the first definition you think of when you see the word room. This is important to your mental state. Is it messy? Is it clean? Is it organized? No?  Often, what is around someone reflects who they are – whether that means the people they talk to or the actual physical space around them filled with stuff.


2) Room. In your mind. What thoughts are cluttering your productivity?  Where are you when you’re in your best mental state of mind? Who are you with? Are you alone? Is it quiet? Is it too loud? 

If there are too many things to think about in your mind, it really doesn’t matter what atmosphere is. If you’re in a quiet room, and you’re stressed, and anxious, it doesn’t make a difference. You might as well be in a busy night club at that point. Make some room in your mind, and you’ll find yourself feeling better.


3) Room. As in personal space. The space around yourself that you feel comfortable with, and in which people shouldn’t be inside of unless you say so.

This shouldn’t be something you should be lenient on. If it means your mental health is worse, it means you’re worse, which isn’t good. If you need some room to breathe, that’s your decision.


4) Room. As in the almost-infinite space you find when you read a book or watch a television show.

This is your capacity for imagination and brainpower. When your mind isn’t running on overload, the room – the space to live – inside of books is very big. When you’re running on fumes and overheating, there is not much space to be had for this purpose. Sometimes, if you’re not on complete overload, this can help you calm down and get back to a leveled state of anxiety.


What does the word room mean to you? How do each of these affect your mental health? 

Mary Wright


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