We Trust Things We’re Told Should Be Trusted – Some Things To Think About #media

Everything you know is a lie. Pretty wide spectrum, right? Could apply to a lot of things. But here, I’m talking about U.S. media.

We’re told, and learn by example, that the TV is where we should get our news. And that it doesn’t matter what channel you get it from because it’s The News and there’s no reason for different news networks other than ‘different angles of the story’ and the act of flipping through to see different things being covered. At a specific time every day, like clockwork, the TV is turned on to The News. Whether it’s 6 pm or 9 pm or 10 pm or 11 pm or midnight, there’s a time for The News and you have grown up knowing that fact.

The media tells us that we should follow the Food Pyramid (er, the Food Plate, now, is it?) that tells us what we should eat. It’s a Healthy Living, and it is no way affected or paid for by specific food industries that want to make more money and reach more consumers.

Most commercials you see for kids say “ask your parents before going online”. Why is that? Sure, so they don’t see anything inappropriate. But also, what about the fact that kid’s minds are more open to new ideas than adults? Parents have a say in what kids “shouldn’t” read, and new ideas are the last thing the media and the government need to have to deal with.

Between music and food and clothes and electronics and every other thing you’ve seen a commercial for, it makes sense that so many people are in debt. And where does that debt go? To the credit card companies. And who regulates them? The FTC and the government.

Television likes to tell us that the desensitization of violence is because of video games, but they’re really the problem. While some teen is shooting “bad guys” in a video game, sure, they could get desensitized about acts of violence. But the more obvious answer to that is how media – The News, mainly – disregards reports about violence. They push it under the rug.

Oh, right, we’re spending billions to send your sons and daughters to get shot, and now, we’re not going to cover it as the tragedy it is – instead saying how brave they were to participate in our slaughter.

Yeah, about that systematic racism and sexism that leads to many black people and women getting killed – let’s, uh, not talk about that. 

We trust things we’re told should be trusted – probably because we don’t want to feel stupid. But question things, people. Everything you know is a lie. (Okay, maybe not everything, but a lot of things.)

Mary Wright 

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