#Organize Your Life – A Follow-up to Last Sunday’s Post On Cleaning And Anxiety

So, after writing last Sunday’s post about cleaning and anxiety, I searched around a bit on the WordPress tags for organization and anxiety posts, and then I started following links that other posts had referenced to that were related to what I wanted to do. Others I found by googling.

For myself, and maybe for you as well (if you found last Sunday’s post helpful or just really want some links to organize your life), after this, are a few links I’ve found over the past week. I’m going to be starting #1 and a simplified version of #2, which I intend to use and implement starting June 1st (today). If you’d like to join me in starting to do any of these things, let me know in the comments! 🙂 [Also, I will be participating in JuNoWriMo, but in the sense that I will be free-writing anything I want until I get to 50K words. Are you participating? Let me know in the comments! Or tweet me.


1) Bullet journaling.This is for people who always have a lot of stuff to do and frequently write to-do lists. It is intended to help organize what you want to get done on any given day, and any given month. This video explains the process, and to learn more after that, you should go to the official site for tips and tricks.

2) The Notecard System.** Much like #1, except it’s note cards instead of a journal, and also, it probably goes more into depth about specific details about whatever you want.

3) Post-its.*** Write your to-do list on one post-it. If it gets too long, and isn’t urgent, add it to the next post-it – your to-do list for tomorrow. Used to feel like you’ve accomplished something, and so that your to-do list doesn’t become a bucket list.


4)  Life Your Way. There’s a lot of things on the site, but the main thing I found was that there were a lot of free printables that could help you organize many different things – your bills, make an inventory list of all your books, and a summer packing checklist, just to link to three of them. But there are over 400 of them, so check this one out!

5) Minimalism in general. There are a lot of different sites and people that talk about this idea, and if you’re interested, I’d start here. Also, here. Then, of course, Google is your friend.

Hope these help you!

Mary Wright

*I will be implementing this system starting today, June 1st. My ultimate goal is use it daily for June and July, and after that, to see where it goes.

**I will using a very simplistic version of this, with two different piles of note cards (rubber-banded together every day or week depending on frequency): One labeled “Thoughts” (my general thought process, my worries, etc.) and the other labeled “Story Ideas”. I plan to do this in June daily as well as Bullet Journaling.

***Obviously implementing a third system would be ridiculous, right? Depending on how well the first two go (Bullet Journaling for June and July, simplified Notecard system for June), I might try to do this one in August.

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