Once In A While, Stray Away From What You Always Do #amwriting

Thursday posts are usually about writing. And while this one is still considered about that, let’s widen the spectrum a bit.

Let’s say you always write stories that fall under the science fiction or fantasy genres. (*cough* me *cough*)

That’s awesome, really. You know what you like to write about, and you know that, in some sense, you’re pretty good at parts of it. But let’s say you get stuck, right. And you’ve realized you’ve got a huge plot hole to fix later. And you really, really want to write something, but find yourself not being able to write any other story ideas.

There are many solutions to this. The main idea to these solutions: once in a while, stray away from what you always do.

While you could consider yourself a writer or author, overall, if someone asked, they’ll probably say you’re creative. Your main name would be “Writer” or “Author” right? But what about when you’re not writing? What are you called? A creative person. So, if you’re stuck, here’s ten things you can do:

1) Write a poem. Free-form, rhyme, short, long, doesn’t matter. If it helps your creativity, it’s worth it.

2) Write a screenplay. Or just a page. You know, whatever.

3) Draw/paint a picture. Even if you’re not good at it, this might sometimes be beneficial to do in the case of maybe drawing the world you’ve created or what your characters look like.

4) Write a blog post. (I’m doing that right now, obviously.)

5) Write a song. (see also: #7)

6) Use a generator.

7) Listen to music. Any kind. This kind. That kind. ALL THE KINDS if you have to.

8) Do some kind of arts and crafts activity, whether it’s making origami, or duct-taping a box together.

9) Write a to-do list. For the day. For the week. For the month. For your life.

10) Look at my other posts about writing.

Hope these helped you! 🙂 Let me know in the comments if they did!

Mary Wright

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