Cleaning Outside First Makes Inside Easier – Organization and Anxiety

Anxiety can make anything seem impossible to accomplish. Depression even more so.

I’m a very anxious person. Everything you can think of makes me worry. Someone with anxiety has a brain that runs post-apocalyptic disaster movies on a loop non-stop. And not the ones with a semi-good endings, either. The ones where everyone dies, and no one is happy, and the last person on earth is just so very lonely and sad. The people in the theater that are crying are what’s happening in my brain, and the screen is my anxiety.

And on the outside? What evidence is there to show of this, unless I cry, or yell?

A not-clean bedroom.

Now, I’m not saying that cleaning and organizing in the end-all to everything. Not even close. Just like music, art, Twitter, and writing by themselves aren’t as powerful as they are together. But it helps. When you feel like life is getting out of control, cleaning your room (or house or apartment) helps. To get you started, here’s 4 simple things you can do. Of course, this list can be expanded, and as well it should.

1) Get all your laundry. Put it in a pile, like a fall-leaves-you-would-jump-into pile. Don’t worry about sorting them right now. Just get them together. Now, is your floor cleaner?

2) Find a box or a bag or a pencil case or a table, and go on a every-writing-utensil-ever scavenger hunt. Find all the pencils, pens, and highlighters you can, and put them together in one place. Next, find all the paper and notebooks. You don’t have to worry about writing things down anymore.

3) You like books? I like books. Organize your books by author, by color, or by title. Doesn’t matter, it’s up to you. Put them together in a box, on a table, or if you have a bookshelf, put it on that obviously. After you finished with that, read something. This thing is a double anxiety-reducer.

Then, the most comprehensive of them all (if you’re really anxious or moving or both):

4) Get everything off the floor. I don’t care how. Put everything in a box, or on a table, or in a bag. Look at your clean floor. Wait a day or two or three and then look at the pile and divide it into piles of Keep, Sell, and Donate. Also, Shred, Recycle, and Throw Out, if applicable.

I hope this has helped you! 🙂

Mary Wright

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