Mainstream #Media Doesn’t Show Us The Good Side Of Things

Everyone watches TV. That’s what mainstream media wants to believe. In their cold, manipulative hearts, they want to think that everyone is fooled by their cheerfulness and serious tone of voice and that no one notices that they are oh-so-expertly avoiding the real news.

In covering any event, whether it be triumph or tragedy, it is up to the camera person, and then the editor, and then the presenter, to show us what happened. Through these systems, the truth gets deluded and turned and twisted around. The camera person gets everything, the editor, half of it goes away, and the presenter, well, they have a time limit, and quality – and truth – gets thrown out the window. And above all this, it is the television networks and governments deciding what we get to see.

Let’s say a fire happened, and people got stuck inside. Then one heroic firefighter saved a kitten and a child.

Simple enough, right? No way the truth can be switched around?

The camera person can record how it is: get testimony from the firefighter and witnesses, and be there at the scene to show through sight what the scene really looked like.

The editor gets the footage and thinks that the pan of the scene was way too slow, and that the firefighter’s testimony was way too long and ramble-y. What they end up with is a picture of the firefighter, a picture of the kitten and the child, and the flames burning the building for 10 seconds while someone screams far off from the camera’s mic.

The presenter, oh, the presenter. They get the footage, and figure out they have 15 seconds to talk about it. They get a call that they need to portray this as an accident, and a tragic story. Taking out the firefighter, the kitten, and the child, the flames burning is shown as the presenter says: “There was a fatal fire yesterday. No one survived.”

Mainstream media doesn’t show us the good side of things…..and sometimes, they don’t show us any side at all.

Mary Wright

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