What’s My Idea Of A Perfect Day? #overallawesomeperson #citizenradio

I used to think that the idea of a “perfect day” was pretty dumb, and useless to think about. But now, I get it.

Yesterday, I happened to go to my local bargain book place and it turns out there was a deal for a bag of paperbacks for $5. So, I filled it up, paid, and went home. It turns out I got 32 paperbacks. That wasn’t something I thought to be possible. At all. That was the ultimate bargain. It couldn’t get better than that. Then I went home, and ate s’mores. The only things that were missing were the fact that there was no new Citizen Radio episode, and I hadn’t talked to my best friend, Overall-Awesome-Person.

So, the following is what I think my perfect day would be:

1) I would either be reading books, buying books, or doing both. Also, writing something myself.

2) I would be eating s’mores. Or a chocolate chip cookie sandwich. Or brownies. And pasta for dinner.

3) There would be a new Citizen Radio episode to listen to.

4) I would voice call with my best friend, Overall-Awesome-Person. And/or tweet, Skype chat, email them, etc. Voice call would be ideal, meeting IRL would be the ultimate.

5) Ideally, this day would be even more perfect if I was already a successful, published author/novelist.

6) Additionally, less anxiety and stress than normal.

My perfect day may change someday. But for now, that’s what I can think of as perfect. 🙂

Mary Wright

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