It’s Over, It’s Summer, and I Want to Do ALL THE THINGS (End of Semester Thoughts, Part 3 – FINAL)

So. Friday was my last exam. It was the last day until the end of August that I actually will be taking classes. (I have to see an advisor in-person before I register for next semester’s classes, but that rant/story is for another blog post.)

Now what? ALL THE THINGS. I have big plans for this summer. Of course, that depends on your definition of big.

In my world, big plans mean the following (in no real order, except for some of them):

– Unsubscribe/unfollow all the people who I don’t talk to or care to see their posts/emails. This plan’s ultimate goal is to include my 3 main emails, and my Twitter account. If you’re reading this, and think it’s you, it might be you. But probably not.

– Write all the stories. Enter all the writing contests. Take photos. Enter all the photography contests. Enter all the contests, just in general.

– Make some money online somehow (Bandcamp, Etsy, putting a donate button on my blog once I buy the domain, podcasting? video editing? audio editing? freelance???? etc.) in order to be independent. I want to get something started, even if it’s not much at all. Something I can count on for it to increase, even if one penny at a time.

– Dependent on the above thing, I will become a member of Citizen Radio. Also, donate to Welcome to Night Vale if possible. Yep.

– Clean my room. Like, completely. Organize all the things.

– Read 30 books (at least) before the fall semester. Mostly fiction, but maybe some non-fiction too. Also, TV show marathons. Book/TV recommendations for me? Email me @, or, you know, tweet me.

– Maybe edit one of my first drafts finally like for real, and get some actual real editing done????

– Go to the book signing that my professor’s going to have because he’s awesome and is having a novel come out in June. Also, I’ve never been to a book signing so……they’re cool things, right?

– Anxiously count down the days until the Citzen Radio book #Newsfail comes out.

– Get some new jeans and sweatpants.

– Work on my anxiety and stress and such and see if I can figure out a calm-down-DON’T-FREAK-OUT-NO-DON’T-CRY technique that works for me before the summer ends.

– Journal every day.

– Draw every day.

– Write every day.

– Sleep not too much, but also not too little.

– Write 3 blog posts a week: Sundays, Mental Health…Tuesdays, Media, and Thursdays, Writing.


What are your summer plans? Tell me in the comments! 🙂

Mary Wright

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