Most Media Unintentionally Tells Us We Need To Change (Mainstream News Edition*)

This applies to any kind of media you can think of. It points out the best and the worst in us. Take the mainstream news – whatever channel, it doesn’t really matter. Fox? Sure. ABC? Why not. MSNBC? Fine. All of them tell us we need to change, by what they’re NOT telling us. What things should be really care about.

Oh, that celebrity did that thing. Right. That’s nice.

Ooh look this is a thing you can cook!

Oh, and now the weather, because no one can immediately get the weather on their phones, right? 

All of these are intentional distractions. They’re counting on you completely jumping on board with the flow of the segments.

They’re counting on you thinking that since this is The News That Is On The Television That Everyone Watches And So That Means It’s All Completely True. There’s no exaggeration of truth or intentional Er, No, That’s Not Something We Should Worry About, Or Fix! No, Not At All.

Oh, right, there’s all those wars that we’re currently illegally partaking in……

Oh, yeah, did we mention that we’re all doomed and the debt will never be fixed, like, ever?

Um, right, that thing about the oil spill not having side effects……yeah, also, global warming’s totally a thing…..

That terrorist? Oh. Right. He kinda……was a disgruntled, unemployed white guy…….

But you don’t learn about any of that by just sitting on your couch and watching any of the news channels. The media shapes your perception of things.

They know what you should see, and they mold this broken, sad, barely-holding-on society into a world where there’s hope! And if you just work hard! Er, well, you’re going to have to work harder than that. Oh, right, the American Dream……that’s not for…..really, anybody, is it?

Most media unintentionally tells us we need to change. This more than applies to mainstream news. We’ve got to listen for what they’re not saying and not reporting on.


Mary Wright

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*there may be other similar posts on media in the future, but I am not sure yet.

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