Ways To Deal When You Can’t Rest #selfcare #mentalhealth #anxietytalk

1) Listen to music. Listen to podcasts. Watch a TV show episode. (ONE EPISODE ONLY. If that’s not possible, don’t use this option. An exception to this is when you don’t have anything due. If you have things due, refer to #3.)

2) Do something to distract yourself. Organize your bag. Organize your room. Draw. Read a chapter of a book.

3) Do stuff in chunks. Even if anxiety and stress has made you leave things unfinished close to the due date, think of it in chunks. A research paper, for example, can be broken down into tasks: write/type all the quotes you’re going to use, for example, or every paragraph, do something to survive (check twitter, draw, listening to ONE song is good to keep you on track and get you back to work after 3 or 4 minutes).

4) Drink tea. Drink coffee. Don’t overdo it, but if it’s what you need to survive, go for it. Eat as much as you want, too.

5) Journal. Meditate. Plan for the future.

6) For future reference, in way of learning, find out coping methods that work for you. While using the other 5 suggestions, figure out what works best. Does talking to your pet while you dry the dishes help? Does observing what others are doing and pretending that you’re omniscient help? What about something as simple as wearing a certain item of clothing when things get bad? Think it through when your mind is clear, and so you’ll have some ideas when it isn’t.

Hope these help you!

Mary Wright

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