Writing: Sometimes, It’s Okay Not To Write

Sometimes, you just don’t have the mental energy. Sometimes, you’re stuck. Sometimes you’re out of ideas. Sometimes, anxiety gets the best of you and overrides any creativity you could possibly have. Sometimes, it’s okay not to write.

Getting words down on paper (or screen) is important, don’t get me wrong.

But sometimes, things take over. Family, homework, work, and life in general. It’s okay not to write, if you literally are blanking on what you needed from the grocery store, let alone what plot point came next in the story you’re writing. For a writer, writing is life. But sometimes, life gets ahead of writing, and you need to get other things done.

This post is not for the purpose of giving you an excuse not to write – no, not at all. But if you had to write that research paper, or take that double shift, or stay home with your sick kid, don’t beat yourself up for it. If you get ideas, write them down, but don’t pressure yourself to go into detail – just enough so when your mental energy comes back, you can begin with a starting point to get back into the flow.

Once you get back into the mental state of writing, you bet you better get back to writing as much as you possibly can like it’s the race of your life. But for now, sometimes, it’s okay to get caught up in life, and let writing be a thing you can do when you’re ready and able to do.

Mary Wright

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