“Continuum”: A Short Review #scifi #timetravel #awesomeshow

IMDb page

Number of important characters: 1-3 ( ) 4–6 ( ) 7–9 ( ) 10+(X)

Gender of Characters: Male (X) Female (X) Other ( )

Gender distribution: Equal (X) Male-dominated ( ) Female-dominated ( ) Er, there’s no women ( ) Er, there’s no men ( )

Intersectional distribution: Diverse racially (X) Diverse economically (X) Diverse sexual-orientation ( )

Relatable characters: All (X) More than 50% ( ) Less than 50% ( ) There is one or two relatable characters who you can relate to like in that one episode, you know?

Bechtel test: Passed With Flying Colors (X) Passed ( ) Failed ( ) Failed Horribly ( )

Genre: Sci-fi (X) Fantasy ( ) Romance ( ) Mystery (X) Action (X) 

Setting: Current time (X) future (X) past ( ) alternate world/timeline (X)

Plot: Does it make sense? 90% of the time (X) 70% of the time ( ) 50% of the time ( ) 25% of the time ( ) <25% ( )

Show was made in: the US ( ) Canada (X) Europe ( )

My opinion? One of the BEST shows I’ve seen about time travel and how the world could end up being like in a while (X) It was different, in a good way (X) Feels like it’s been done a lot, but it still was enjoyable ( ) Very cliché, very predictable ( ) Do not watch this show ( )

Wanna have a Continuum marathon? Go here.

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