Family Parties: How to Survive Social Anxiety – 5 Tips

it's not okay

Just what the title says, folks.

If you have anxiety like I do, and want ways to tolerate getting through the torture of HOW ARE YOU? and WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN UP TO? and HOW’S COLLEGE/SCHOOL/WORK/LIFE? this is the post for you. Of course, these are only from my personal experience, but they are temporary solutions that will help the time pass a little bit quicker, and make the situation seem a bit less painful than it actually is.

happy dog

1) Find the pet. Pet the pet. Talk to the pet. Pay attention to the pet, and not the chaos that is happening around you. If you’re at a family member’s house, or a friend’s house, and you have a lot of anxiety, make it a mission to find the pet. No one questions when you talk to the pet, and if they do, they are meanies that you don’t want to talk to, anyway.

music notes

2) Listen to music. Get lost in music. Concentrate on music. Yes, people will tell you this is rude. I’m not telling you to put your earphones in your ears any time that someone starts talking to you – that’s rude. But if no one in the immediate area is talking to you, and in general are talking to Other People who are Not You, then embrace the tunes. This will calm you down just enough so you’re prepared just a little bit more for when someone comes to talk to you in the near future. Make sure to bring your charger with you – this is IMPORTANT.

3) Write. Draw. Play games on apps. Distract yourself. What do you enjoy? Yes, you know that you don’t like Loud Family Talking And Laughing All Around You Making You Feel Miserable, but what do you like to do? What makes you happy? If you were home, what would you be doing? Writing? Drawing? Other things? Make sure to bring the appropriate arsenal to the party so you can utilize this tool.

4) Get away. Go to another room. Go outside. Go inside, if everyone else is outside. Space is what you need right now. You might not know that, but you do. You’ll be able to breathe better when you’re not in the middle of everything that’s going on.

5) Know that it’ll be over soon. Yes, you may have to stay there for 2 hours…..or 4….or 6…..but at least you know that eventually, you’ll go home. It’s inevitable. Take a deep breath, and keep that in mind. This torture won’t last forever.

Mary Wright

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