Welcome! :D

Hello there! You have come to the That Typing Sound blog, which is run by me, Mary Wright. Here, you will eventually find blog posts on many different topics, including media, writing, and mental health.

Media will include podcasts, TV shows, books, and movies. I may do reviews, or critical analysis, or just reactions with blatant warnings about spoilers. This may also involve current events that happen in the real world.

Mental Health will include posts on anxiety, and ways I deal with it, so that maybe you can deal with it better as well. I may also talk about how to deal with stress, and school (of which those two usually go hand in hand).

Writing will include tips about writing your novel or short story, and maybe other types of writing. I have read a lot about how to write, but I’m still learning just the same. Learn along with me! In certain times of the year, this section of my blog will include posts about NaNoWriMo! 😀

If any of that sounds interesting to you, you’re welcome to stick around! 🙂 –Mary

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